Blue Star Memorial Marker and Gold Star By-Way Marker

The Blue Star Memorial Marker And Gold Star By-Way Markers were unveiled and dedicated in Brooklyn Veterans Memorial Park on Memorial Day 2017.


Dedication Program
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The National Garden Club, Inc. and Garden Club of Ohio Blue Star Memorial Marker Project continue to add markers all across the United States and through the State of Ohio by way of local chapter garden clubs. Garden clubs that are recognized by the National Garden Club, Inc. are the only non profit organizations to install Blue Star or Gold Star Memorial Markers in the United States. The Laurel Garden Club was established in 1953 and is a charter member of the Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. As part of the National Garden Club’s and the Garden Club of Ohio’s mission, we chose to take on this civic project for the Brooklyn community. The Laurel Garden Club worked on the Blue Star/Gold Star Memorial Marker project for over two years. The Laurel Garden Club was the first garden club in Ohio to dedicate the Blue Star Memorial Marker and the Gold Star By-Way marker at the same time.

A Brief History of the Blue Star Memorial Marker

The Blue Star Memorial Marker Program was developed by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. in 1945 to pay tribute to the Armed Forces that defended our country during World War II. Based on the original Blue Star flag displayed in family homes, the star became a standard symbol on dedicated Blue Star Highways throughout the United States. The placement of Blue Star Highway Markers was approved by state legislatures in cooperation with State Departments of Transportation. Today the Blue Star Memorial Marker Program has expanded to include many locations including highways, parks, veterans’ facilities, national cemeteries, and historic/civic sites. The markers pay tribute to all the Armed Forces which defend our country, and they are a visible reminder of our love of gardening and our support for the Armed Forces of the USA.

Gold Star By-way Marker

Many people do not know the significance of the Gold Star banner and its meaning. The name Gold Star came from the custom of families of servicemen hanging a banner called a service flag in the window of their homes. The service flag had a star for each family member in the United States Armed Forces. Living servicemen were represented by a Blue Star, and those who had lost their lives were represented by a Gold Star.

Both the Blue Star Marker and the Gold Star By-Way Marker are a fitting tribute for all to see in the Veterans Memorial Park.

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